Add custom message of the day (MOTD) on Linux

MOTD Example

The “message of the day” (MOTD) is the text that outputs in the terminal as soon as you login to a linux server. Depending on the operating system, it can display version information or alerts that updates are available to install. Most servers will be configured with a disclaimer/warning about accessing systems you’re not authorised to. This tutorial steps through adding your own MOTD. Continue reading “Add custom message of the day (MOTD) on Linux”

AWS starts charging per second for EC2 instances and EBS volumes

Starting from 2nd October 2017, Amazon will be charging customers per second instead of per hour. This will be applied to a number of their services, including:

  • EC2 instances
  • EBS volumes
  • EMR (Elastic MapReduce) big data processing
  • AWS Batch
  • Elastic GPUs
  • Provisioned IOPS

This will be welcome news for many of Amazon’s customers who have had to run complex management systems to get value for money on sub-hour workflows. A billing change like this ensures customers can be more flexible and save money when using EC2 instances for tasks not suited for AWS Lamba.

Have you been waiting for per-second billing? Have you switched back to using EC2 instances since this change? Please comment below.