Margaret Wills (Livingston Village Community Education Centre)

We recently took the decision to commission a website to promote our Community Centre and to provide the public with an automated booking process for room hire.

This was a complex mix of booking options involving pricing, date and time availability, together with meeting legal obligations for our charitable status, data protection legislation and ease of use for both the public using it and the team of volunteers to whom its’ running would eventually fall.

We cannot recommend highly enough the services of David Gracie Consulting Services in this undertaking, as this company, and David in particular, made the process very easy to work through.

No-one involved from the committee had any website or technical background, however, David was able to establish what was required and presented us with options to answer all of our needs. We are extremely pleased with the end result – it provides a professional and easy to navigate website for the general public, and, very importantly, also hugely reduces the workload for committee members to deal with in the future.

In summation, we have been provided with a superb product, in a professional manner, on time and on budget – a rarity indeed!

We cannot thank him enough for his hard work and dedication in providing a first class product for his customers.